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Deacon Dan's Homily 1-8-17

The Twelfth day of Christmas was Thursday, January 5. It marks the end of the Christmas season. Traditionally the Feast of the Epiphany it is celebrated on January 6. Other than Easter the Feast of the Epiphany, is the oldest celebration of the Church. It, in fact, has more theological significance than the Christmas festivities for the Eastern and Orthodox faiths.. January 6 was Friday, and all the world did so, except, us. For our liturgical convenience or perhaps liturgical laziness, the Feast was transferred to this weekend. (God Forbid we should come to Church on aweekday)

The Feast, itself remembers A manifestation of the Lord. That is what the Greek word epiphania literally means. I say A manifestation because it was not and is not the only manifestation. To the shepherds, he was manifested. When he underwent his Baptisms by John in the Jordan, he was manifested to the people of Jerusalem and Judea. Saint Paul, tells us in his letter to the Ephesians that the mystery of Chris…