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Deacon Dan's Homily 8-13-17

The Sacred Scripture for this weekend, the 19th Sunday of ordinary time, offers a number of challenges for us. The first of which we face from the Book of Kings. It tells the tale of Elijah.

As background know that the prophet has just successfully destroyed the false god of Baal when he called upon the true God YHWH. Jezebel the Queen was not happy so she sent her army to search for and destroy Elijah. Elijah ran to the Holy Mountain of Horeb to seek protections from Lord Yahweh. In his call he expected God to respond in the traditional way. He expected God to make himself manifest in the earthquake, the wind and the fire- that was indeed God's preferential choice of manifestation in the past. But instead, God made his presence known with as soft whispering voice. Not what Elijah expected?

So the challenge before us is to access how we expect God to manifest Himself in our lives?

I dare say that most of us now expect him to do so as he did with Elijah. Softly and gently. We imagin…

Deacon Greg's Homily 8-13-17

Navigating Chaotic Waters…
(Note: Occasionally I write and present the Homily from a more bulleted outline... This is one of those times. Thanks! -GT)

A Deep Sea Fishing in the Gulf Family Vacation Year One: Awesome Deep Sea Fishing (Gulf smooth as glass)! Family Vacation Year Two: Recreate the magic of another deep sea fishing trip! Mistake: Cloudy Skies, A Few Sprinkles and Rough Water! Brother, Sister and I start out of the marina up in the crows nest! We All Got Sea Sick Before We’re Even Out of the Bay! Memory: Dad worked through the “green gills” and continued to Fish! After all, he had a lot invested in that trip, and “ENCOURAGED” us to come out and fish!  The Moral of the Story...
Be like DAD, and keep fishing through the chaos (and sickness!)




But I’d like to focus on our Call to be Prophets & Disciples in a Chaotic World!


In Matthew’s Gospel, a call to disciples…