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Deacon Greg's Homily 8-12-18

This summer, I've had the pleasure of joining in on some wonderful gatherings with our young adult Catholic Community. Combined with a Catholic College Ministry that really took off last year, our own Betsy Lashley has helped call our young people into not only a high school ministry, but also guide them to a very real opportunity to continue their faith journey into and beyond their college and young adult years. The gathering for the 21-35's this summer is called Good News and Cold Brews, and we’ve been meeting on the second Thursdays of the month. Like the title, the gathering is a combination of faith sharing (Good News) in a relaxed environment at a local bar (Cold Brews). You may have heard of a program in other cities called Theology on Tap... It’s a lot like that.

Anyway, this past Thursday, our Diocese’s newest priest, Fr. Jonathan Howell, spoke about his vocation, and he likened it to the journey that brought Moses out of the desert as a simple stuttering shephe…

Deacon Dan's Homily 8-12-18

See how disappointed Elijah was. He sat under a solitary broom tree and asked that he might die, accepting death as his way of ending the miseries of the world. Like Elijah, sometimes we may feel discouraged by weaknesses and defeats. .But this portion of 1 Kings proclaimed give us hope. After eating twice, Elijah gets up and starts his journey. He got the strength to go on for 40 days and 40 nights. The intercession of the messenger who touched Elijah and told him to eat illustrates well that God will never abandon us in difficult situations. That leads to today’s gospel

Last week’s Gospel ended, we heard Jesus saying that “I am the bread of life that has come down from heaven.” The people with Him at that point most likely had no idea what He was talking about, how could this possibly make sense? The people got confused.

So today the Gospel opens “They murmured about Jesus.”

To murmur is to issue a low steady sound, to proffer a complaint or discontent in an unclear voice. Murmurin…